Ride Across America: The Ultimate Test of Endurance

The Race Across America is an ultra bicycle race across the United States. It is the longest endurance cycling event in the world, leading the strongest of athletes through the entire continent: 5,000 kilometres and 36,000 vertical meters have to be covered in a maximum of only 12 days.

From the Pacific Coast across the hot desert of California and Arizona; through Monument Valley and along the Grand Canyon; over the high Rocky Mountain passes; on seemingly endless highways through the prairies in New Mexico, Oklahoma and Kansas;over the Mississippi, and finally through the hills of the Appalachians and down to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean; crossing 15 US-States and some of the most awe-inspiring landscapes! Our ride will be less extreme, however, with daily distances between 140 and 200 kilometres, it will be more than just an ordinary bike tour! Our group of maximum 15 international riders has to be able to keep the average speed at 25 kilometres per hour – not only under sunny skies or with the wind in our back! A consistent and well-working ‘peloton’ will be critical to meet the challenges that lie ahead.

Do you have what it takes to tackle this once-in-a-lifetime challenge?

Our price includes:

  • All airport transfers
  • 40 nights accommodation at 3-4 star inns, hotels, or B&B’s
  • Three meals daily, including snacks, drinks, and in-ride nutrition
  • Transport of luggage and bicycles in our well-equipped bicycle trailer
  • Full vehicle support by our comfortable 15-passenger van
  • Routing and guiding in accordance with verified RAAM data
  • Our personalized and friendly service


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